Minoan Line

Gets inspired by the Minoan civilisation (Crete, Greece, 3650 BC ~ 1400 BC) to create a unique fashion line with clear references to ancient Greek clothing as presented in the Minoan Palace's frescoes, combining three of their predominant colours (ochre, red and cobalt blue) with detailing that represents the Aegean Sea.


The Iconic line highlights the need for finding the beauty in our life and focuses on the power we have to achieve our goals with the Greek Olympic spirit of fair competiveness.

The Concept for the Iconic Line is inspired from Calisthenics which is a modern way of body training like cross Fit, boot camps, and obstacle race training.

The name "calisthenics" has an etymologically Greek root and derives from the ancient Greek words «κάλλος-calos», meaning beauty and «σθένος-sthenos»,meaning power (physical and mental).

The line consists of jockstraps, tanga, mini briefs, briefs, boxers (cotton elastane fabric), bath towel, bath towel robe (cotton towel fabric).


Inspired by the theatrical colors and rock formations of the Meteora territory in Central Greece, this line will wake up your will to fight for your way of life.

In sand and grey colors this line includes underwear, sportswear and streetwear featuring camouflage print.

The line consists of jockstraps, tanga, bottomless, briefs, boxers (polyester & spandex) tanktops, shirts, singlets (light weight fabric) shorts, pants (light weight fabric)


Tone 2 Tone line is a fine dark collection of men underwear, home wear and streetwear with black being the main color and silver paying the second role in this this underground, futuristic line.

Made of cotton, black foil print, latex, leather look fabrics with nickel foil printed details the Tone 2 Tone line designs remind us of the neo punk music wave.


The Floss line theme is the Vogue Countryside.

It is the epitomy of luxury underwear and loungewear with cupro fabric being the protagonist. Its silk like feeling along with some vintage details and retro styling creates an elegant studio collection.

Feel the soft, natural silky, fabric on your body, and we guaranty the Floss line will be your second skin.


The artistic endeavors of Salvador Dali were the inspiration of this line.

Modern, eccentric and dandy like, this line will set a trend in the fashion world this winter.

An experimental approach with colors and shapes inspired by Dali's work and mainly by the Melting Watches, this line showcases revolutionary intent and dreamlike attitude.

The Dali line pieces can be easily worn as streetwear or sportswear and will make others praise your look!


"Midas" collection features minimal elegance with unique details adding a golden touch and a strong character to your sport and casual outfits.


The extraordinary design of "Shades of Grey" brings a new dynamic not only to your sports apparel but to all your everyday outfits.


The Dust 2 Dawn line is inspired by Hollywood luxury future-forward design.

Made for the confident men the Dust 2 Dawn line brings empowerment and glamour.

With the Dawn Gold sun and Dust Silver moon colors, these luxury body jewels will make you seek for rich experiences and will inspire an iron will to achieve life accomplishment.


The Glamour line is inspired by the Glam rock style invented in the 70s in the UK. The Glitter rock style underlines elegance and strength and is made for the confident and stylish men. Used embroided sequins fabric with inside elastane linning to create quality, luxury pieces for an edgy style.


The 90's line is clearly inspired by the classic 90's street fashion, a decade with fashion designs that resurface more and more as we love the simplicity and athletic style of this era.

This luxury menswear line is fit for athletes, sportsmen and streetwear fashionistas. The classic color palate of blue, black, white along with the satin silk look fabric, will make the 90's line easy to combine and create that new wave, retro luxury look.

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ανδρικά γυναικεία ρούχα, ανδρικά εσώρουχα, παπούτσια, μαγιό, βρεφικά είδη, αξεσουάρ, παιδικά καρότσι, παρκοκρέβατα, καθίσματα αυτοκινήτου, προίκα μωρού
ανδρικά γυναικεία ρούχα, ανδρικά εσώρουχα, παπούτσια, μαγιό, βρεφικά είδη, αξεσουάρ, παιδικά καρότσι, παρκοκρέβατα, καθίσματα αυτοκινήτου, προίκα μωρού